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Jay Irving

Jay Irving

Wealth Manager

781 871-9160

Jay provides access to fee-based wealth management services personalized for your financial goals. Based on solid, objective research from LPL Financial, actively managed investing helps keep your financial goals on track.

Jay will create a personal financial plan that takes into account your current financial situation as well as your future plans and goals. The plan will be reviewed and updated periodically, and whenever you reach a life milestone, whether large or small. Your personal financial plan might include provisions for investing for your children’s education, financing the purchase of a first or second home, planning for the ideal retirement, and leaving a legacy for your children and subsequent generations. Your plan will also include contingency strategies to preserve your wealth in the event that things do not go exactly as planned.

As you go through life and your financial priorities change, your financial plan will change as well. Jay will review and revise your plan as necessary to help keep you on track. When the time comes to retire, Jay will advise you on how to potentially enhance your assets, allowing for a comfortable retirement and a meaningful legacy.

Any wealth building strategy must include asset allocation and investment diversification. Using the objective research provided by LPL Financial, along with Jay’s many years of training and experience, Jay will develop a custom wealth building strategy to help you with your financial goals.

“Accumulating wealth is a long process, requiring patience and discipline,” says Jay. “I want my clients to see the benefits of having reasonable expectations and employing a conservative approach.”