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James  Hansman

James Hansman

Wealth Manager

Jamie has over 25 years of experience and has been President of HMC Investment Management (previously Hansman McAvoy & Co. Inc.) since 1994.  "When I first began in the investment business, I found the big firms to be product pushing companies concerned only with their bottom line, not my clients bottom line,” said Hansman.  I guess I was a bit naïve and it was an eye-opening experience.  Since breaking away from the wire houses and starting my own firm, I have been able to develop deeper relationships with my clients and focus on doing what is best for them.  Clients deserve to play on a level playing field and I am able to provide them with a fair and balanced approach."

Seeking to provide his clients with a cost-effective approach, Jamie prefers a fee-based approach instead of charging commissions for each transaction. "We work tirelessly, aiming to do what is best for our clients.  I believe integrity is the single most important trait to look for in an investment advisor representative."

Jamie has been a long-time resident of Duxbury with his wife and three children.  He spends his spare time coaching soccer, working with non-profit organizations, and playing the occasional bad round of golf.